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Waltz CBD Infused Seltzer

A better way to unwind!

Waltz drinks are not the seltzer water of yesteryear, or yesterday for that matter. They contain real fruit and flavor, so you can enjoy really refreshing drinks, enriched with the finest quality functional ingredients, to enhance your everyday.
We’re all about flavor and you’ll notice the difference at first sip. Available in a variety of craveable real fruit flavors. Our line up currently includes; Blood Orange, Lime Ginger, Lemon Lavender, and Grapefruit. Waltz is an all-natural thirst quencher that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Enhanced with USDA Organic Hemp CBD

Waltz CBD Seltzer contains 25 mg of hemp derived CBD for equal parts siesta and fiesta. Waltz seltzers are infused with premium certified USDA organic Hemp CBD to provide you with the finest seltzer drinks on the market.

Waltz Seltzer’s were crafted to help you feel naturally good, with the right amount of bubbles, flavor, and CBD to help you seize the day.

waltz vitamin seltzer

Waltz Elements Vitamin Water

A better way to unwind!

Enjoy our refreshing pristine snowmelt water sourced from the majestic Rocky Mountains canned in the lush foothills of Colorado. Waltz Elements Vitamin Water provides a clean solution to ensuring you are receiving your recommended daily value of Vitamins B12, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. Key differentiators are that we have 0 calories and 0 sugar. There is nothing like us on the market.

waltz vitamin seltzer

Nytro Jack

Your Morning Happy Hour!

Nytro Jack is a coffee lover’s cold brew at its core. Crafted for those who appreciate the benefits that only the finest beans can provide. Resulting in a better-tasting cold brew that can carry you out the door feeling recharged, focused and even healthier.

Nytro Jack is made in partnership with indigenous Mayan farmer cooperatives in Chiapas. All of our beans are shade-grown and handpicked from mineral-rich volcanic soils to produce a smooth, lower acidity brew with a refined natural sweetness and enhanced flavor.

This is real nitro coffee made only from certified organic Arabica coffee and infused with USDA organic Hemp CBD. These and other premium ingredients ensure every can of Nytro Jack delivers a healthy boost on top of an incredibly decadent cold brew, one that leaves you feeling alert and revitalized.

Nytro jack


Mind & Body Harmony!

We have created a range of unique formulations that incorporate technology from scientific research and the wisdom of nature’s finest ingredients.

ZenSmart is the jewel in the crown and is a great tasting Vitamin and Adaptogen infused drink range that harnesses the benefits of nature’s ingredients, with the advances of modern science to promote an improved state of mind and body. Smart means so much more than just delicious ingredients coming together to create a great product range, it’s about a better way of life in all its aspects – healthy living, enjoying life to the fullest, peace of mind, well-being and vitality.



Mind & Body Harmony!

Life is a journey and sometimes you need to be prepared. For times when only the best will do, we created ZenSmart+ formulations. Formulated with all the same functional ingredients and great tastes of the ZenSmart range but also infused with 25mg of CBD from USDA organic Broad Spectrum Hemp extract, to help you relax and enjoy wherever the day takes you, it’s like tasting natural fruit infused with sunshine.


ZenSmart+ Provides ZenTime – AnyTime!