About us

Farma Brands Inc. was established in 2016 in Boulder Colorado, with a mission to create and develop a wide range of premium functional beverages to fit any lifestyle.

The Founder Jason Walsh spent 10 years working in the pharmaceutical world, and got tired of continuously hearing; healthy diet, exercise AND this pill will make your life better. Well- he knew better! He knew that there was tons of naturally occurring supplements, adaptogens and earth born raw materials, that can in fact make your like better sans man- made pharmaceuticals! SO back to nature it was, and that is how FARMA Brands came to be (pun intended)!

Jon Phillips, following years of research in the field of nutraceuticals and in collaboration with leading beverage scientists in the US and EU, formulated the patent awarded ZenSmart product range.

After a meeting with Jason Walsh, the two discovered their mutual
interest in providing high-quality, authentic functional beverages and through association with Mann & Noble, a well-known international CPG distribution company, that distributes some of the world’s most recognizable brands, an alliance was formed, leading to a co-ownership of Farma Brands.

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Fast forward to today, Farma Brands now maintains a portfolio of leading and new to market better for you infused beverage offerings, for sale and distribution throughout the US.
With its Headquarters based in Longmont Colorado, Farma brands has its own dedicated high speed canning line that is certified and operates to both SQF 11 and cGMP standards, enabling the company to produce some of the finest infused beverages and formulas in the US market.
The company has distribution throughout the US states where we work with leading chain store retailers with continued growth and expansion planned throughout 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Led by a team of highly seasoned Beverage executives with more than 70+ years combined industry experience and with one of the original founders Jason Walsh retained as CEO, Farma Brands Inc is positioning itself to be one of the US’ leading beverage companies.

Each of the Farma Brands product ranges provide a refreshing, delicious blend of formulations that will enrich your body and are packed full of goodness for health, vitality, and peace of mind, allowing you to get the most out of each day!

In today’s hectic world, stress is all too common which is why Farma Brands is so proud to provide folks with a bit of relaxation that we all deserve.

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